My post-high school trip (SCHOOLIES) was spent in Bali, Indonesisa with two of my friends Sarah and Hill for a short and sweet five days.

Together, we cycled through local villages, past stray dogs that guardedly watched our every move and through enormous rice paddies unseen to the tourist eye. We white-water rafted through Ubud’s Telaga Waja river, hiked up a small mountain to a Hindu temple in the middle of the forest, swam in one of the world’s best infinity pools surrounded by nothing but the isolated, untameable, dense forestation Ubud has to offer. We sipped cocktails (and ate all the beach club’s lychees) by the seaside and wandered around an entire rice terrace field. We fine dined in classy restaurants that offered ‘Australian pigeon’, snorkelled in the deep blue and did morning yoga overlooking the beach. We enjoyed deep relaxation massages and spa treatments with a view of Candi Beach. Most importantly, we ate durian to our hearts’ content. 🙂

Sarah, Hillary and I often found ourselves revelling in the beauty, wherever we were and whatever we did. The pure happiness of finishing our final high school year and final exams and for the first time in a while, being free. & to spend this special time in Bali was just to incredible. A once in a lifetime feeling that not even a photograph could capture. If you ask them, I couldn’t wipe a smile off my face for days.

Bali is such a magical place and there’s so much more to it than Bintang, monkeys and Full Moon Parties. All you have to do is really look.


Tegallalang Rice Terraces
Views of the Hindu Temple where couples can have a romantic dinner….#romance #toomuchcheese
Our meal at Bebek Bengil (Dirty Duck), Ubud
Views from the spa
Cocktails at Potato Head Beach Club
Early wake up call just for Nalu Bowls
The cravings are real
@ W Hotel
Hill & I
We had our very own personal henna artist!
Midnight cocktails


Sunset at Candi Beach
Dragon fruit by the pool
Villa life
being normal at Hanging Gardens Ubud. 



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