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20140113-005425.jpg20140114-104830.jpg20140114-104837.jpg20140114-105258.jpg20140114-105304.jpg20140113-003913.jpg20140113-003941.jpg20140113-004009.jpg20140113-004002.jpg20140113-003947.jpg20140113-003934.jpg20140113-003954.jpg20140113-003926.jpgLocation: Melbourne

SURPRISE! I took a trip to Melbourne over the weekend with the family (hence the missing OOTD’s). Here’s a few deets on what we did.

Waking up to Melbourne weather on a Saturday morning was no. Gosh, it was so depressing. But you wouldn’t believe tha by the time we had had our noodles for breakfast and went to Westfield Fountaingate that there was not a cloud in the sky. Perfect weather for that evening when we would spend hours eating endlessly at our baby cousin, Christopher’s, one month. The food was bountiful and so it would seem, was our stomachs. Good food comes with no regrets.

Lazy Sunday was spent brunching it up in Flinders Lane/Degraves St at The Quarter where I enjoyed some Ricotta Hotcakes. What this cafe lacked in presentation they (almost-not-quite) made up for in their food. The gang spent the remainder of the day being tourists in a new city, walking in the CBD, hugging trees wearing knits, watching a Cirque Du Soleil performer in Federation Square and squealing in every trick in fear for his life. The next stop was St Kilda – Melbourne’s bipolar weather had changed from cloudy grey skies to a bright blue sky with the sun out to play. At St Kilda we took another gazillion tourist photos of jumpshots, possible Instagram photos in creative angles, had some romantic family walks on the jetty and played around with the slo-mo on the iPhone 5S. Late afternoon we had devoured fruit juices, fruit salad and hot chips and ended the trip with a visit to the markets. What a relaxing and paradisaical day.


A x

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