love from japan

IMG_0254IMG_0204IMG_0255IMG_0278IMG_0298IMG_0282IMG_0294IMG_0305IMG_0808IMG_0419IMG_0303IMG_0369IMG_0370IMG_0420IMG_0412IMG_0423IMG_0809IMG_0422IMG_0817The past two weeks have been a complete cyclonic blur (if those are the right adjectives to use). The first week of my travels I was so caught up that I found no time to blog whatsoever. However, by the time that I found a ‘window of opportunity’… Well let’s just say it slammed shut as I flew towards Beijing,China. I was all for updating you guys with a lovely iPhone diary of my time spent in Snowy Sapporo but I cyber-ly could not. We all probably know of China’s Facebook block along with many other social media websites. However, I was not expecting WordPress to be. So there I was eagerly awaiting for the site to load when it tells me ‘Safari cannot find the page’. Ok then, are you sure you looked everywhere? Did you search hard enough? Maybe it’s hiding in the corner… Yeah way to drown my spirits. Anyways, so here I am, finally, home sweet home, back in Australia. I’m sorry I lied when I said the next post would be from a different time zone. Oops!

Now where do I start? There is no other words to describe the mini town, Niseko, where we stayed, but magical. That sounds comical but really, it was. Niseko is a ski resort in winter, located in Sapporo, Hokkaido. Imagine the word ‘magical’ surrounded by the thought of snow covered roofs, snow and icy pavements that can cause slips and laughter, pretty Japanese characters everywhere, scrumptious restaurants on every street corner serving either steaming fresh gyozas, some hot miso ramen soup wth each chefs personal/special touch or famous fresh local sashimi

There are of course, Japanese supermarkets stocking some incredibly peculiar yet delicious snacks like funny flavoured chips and lollies. Here you could purchase ingredients to create your own meal; as my mother did many times; claps to mum for some superb meals!) Located near by, short drives away are onsens, hot springs and one of my favourites…Milk Kobo! A not very mysterious milk bakery that only makes the best cream puffs in the world…not to sound like a twelvie but. Like. EVER. and I just can’t believe I forgot to take a photo!! No doubt a visit to Milk Kobo when in town is a must. Finally of course, the beautiful mountain Grand Hirafu with some nice ski slopes of all ski colours (#greenslope4lyf). All this I faced with the infinite and impressive view of the mountain, that I cannot recall the name of, in the distance. I could go on for days about Niseko and just how amazing that place is alone because one paragraph does not give it justice but I must refrain and save it for another time.

I don’t think any of you are interested in getting the nitty-gritty detail of my day-to-day travels so lets just say a lot of skiing was achieved in which I earned myself a few bruises but also a thrilling experience of going up  the mountain and skiing down whilst my nose consistently ran and my face felt completely frozen. But you know what, it was worth it and now I would consider myself an awesome skier (I have low standards…) There was also alot of eating done. When I say alot, I mean it. Endless Size L plates of gyoza, huge steaming hot pots, smoking noodle soups and fried chicken cooked 100 000 times better than KFC.

Another place to visit when in Niseko is the tourist town of Otaru. On our fourth day in Niseko, Japan, our family friends took us to Otaru a mini town located about two hours away from Niseko. Its backstreets make you feel just like a local or better yet, in a fairytale. Think two storey buildings everywhere, some traditional designs and architecture, local owned restaurants, shops and bakeries. All day, my family and I walked, wondered and wound our way through the streets of Otaru eating so consistently, it should be considered unhealthy. Are you a sweets eater? Must: cheesecake store, LeTao (my mouth was blown at the level of yumminess it resonate)

Oh almost forgot: when in Japan, green tea flavour everything. This time I managed to try green tea; mochi, tea, soft cream and candy.

All in all, Japan, you will be greatly and almost unbearably missed.

PS: Enjoy the collection of photographs that I have gathered on my iPhone throughout the fortnight of travelling! There’s more to come from this end of year trip!

A x


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