postcards from vietnam

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The post ‘Postcards from Vietnam’ have been long due (sorry to have kept anyone waiting…if anyone was ever waiting) and I decided today it was time to share them, seeing as tomorrow I’m off once again, sending postcards from elsewhere. I can’t believe the time to fly again has arrived so quickly! I took these as part of my photography assignment with the purpose of 1) getting good marks and 2) getting good marks…yes I am nerd. The idea was to capture life in Vietnam raw; in its true beauty. This was my first time in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam so every photo was fresh and every experience new. I loved it and its hot and humid weather. I’ll reminiscence of it has I throw myself into three Asian winters.

One last thing, just a little shout out to my cousin Ken who taught me some camera tips over the trip!

Now, I’ll be posting or shall I say reporting to you readers next time from a different time zone! Enjoy and expect an update soon!

A x


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