china doll

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I thought this post was appropriate as in exactly two days I will be off to the airport heading on an Asia destinations-loaded trip – Hokkaido, Beijing and Hong Kong. I’m bursting with excitement, all winter clothes packed and ready to roll (or shoud I say fly).

I visited China Doll with my family a few months ago for dinner and oh boy, did we feast. The saying goes “a picture tells a thousand words”, and it comes in handy as words cannot explain the level of tastiness (however, I must admit, I do very much prefer Mr Wong – I’m missing that fried ice cream) and thus the photographs above speak for themselves.

China Doll is a modern asian cuisine with – hands down – some impressive  dishes. Added note that they do make some mean sauce to complement those foods and some perfect mocktails that make you feel oh so fruity. It’s not on my ‘omg i must go again’ list but if you happen to be in Woolloomooloo, do drop by and I’m sure you will be just as impressed and satisfied. However, I’m not going to lie, it is one of those ‘I’m scared to see the bill’ kind of restaurants and would never go there without my parents. I guess this last comment is subject to change. After all, I am fifteen and am an unemployed (where would I get the ca$h m0ney?) teenager that always changes her mind and sometimes doesn’t know what she wants. What can I say? Hormones.

My stomach is preparing itself for me stuffing my face of two weeks of heavenly Asian authentic food. Mmm, I can already hear the waiters yelling ‘Moshi Moshi’ or something in Japanese, I can smell the freshness of the Peking duck and its pastry in its origin country and taste only the best Siu Mai made in Hong Kong…I have a feeling my next stop would be the gym.

Where’s everyone going for their holidays? Some place with good food I hope…

A x


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