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autumn ablution

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Photos by J C

‘Winter is coming’

Don’t be deceived by April – it may be classified as a month of Autumn but really it should be re-named ‘winter part 1″. I mean lets face it, each April there is endless wet weather and it is miserable. Like really April, stop raining on my parade (LITERALLY). Even at this moment whilst I write, my feet are cold and it is audibly pouring outside and is getting louder by the minute (hooray for rainy holidays…). Thus is the purpose of my title; autumn ablution (ablution – the at of washing oneself)

So…if you haven’t noticed, I despise wet and cold weather. It limits my  fashion scope to the minimal sweaters, cardigans and jackets that I have and eliminates shorts, skirts and dress almost entirely. On a positive note, winter ahem..autumn makes it acceptable to wear boots again and I’m glad I finally have the opportunity to flaunt these new Steve Madden boots I received as a gift for my birthday. Today for lunch at The Grounds, I decided to risk wearing my go-to tartan skirt in this weather (and well, here I am, alive) topped with comfy basic H&M knit. I am in absolute love with tartan at the moment, it’s my new phase, along with my undying love for anything and everything striped. With tartan skirts or dresses you can wear them with stockings or knee high socks (whichever look you desire) in the cold or simply alone, rocking them with boots, heels, flatforms and jumpers. singlets, t-shirts. I could go on but you get the point.

PS (to finish off on a food note): Check out Messina right now because they are having ‘Games of Thrones’ flavour special and its to die for (lol for GoT fans)

A x

H&M Basic Knit Top | MISSGUIDED Tartan Skirt | STEVE MADDEN Boots | SWAROVSKI Fruity Apple Mini Pendant

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social sneaker

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 11.06.28 pmQuick post in between my sporadic study break at 11pm on a Wednesday evening…

BUT it is to introduce my new go-to, daily check out website, SOCIAL SNEAKER.

They label themselves the social guide to Gen Y lifestyle, posting the latest things on what to do and where to go and most importantly what to eat in Sydney. There are also some captivating texts to make you think, laugh or just emotionally feel:

If you are an Asian girl

For How I Met Your Mother fans (spoiler alert)

Thinkin ’bout Life-goers

Just click on the link and the layout of the website alone, will capture your eyes (if not your heart).

Now, excuse me, I must depart and go ‘socialise in my sneaker’ with Shakespeare…

PS: Spread the love and enjoy.

A x